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Nonconventional Healing Practices That Employ Full Utility of Your Body Energy.

Healing in its true sense has undergone several paradigms shifts through the ages from older generations that didn’t have access to science to the modern generation that is so full of technology. Metaphysical healing is a realm where miracles occur that are beyond our reality. The age of instant gratification is slowly evolving to an age of instant manifestation meaning that anything we desire can be decoded into physical reality without it be through the touch of a screen or just mere thought.

According to Lindsay Maxfield, an intuitive healer, we have entered into a new age where time is moving fast, and this makes the paradigms to slow and are therefore don’t have enough time to contemplate our troubles and hold them through a step-by-step process. This would work so much effort and intentionality that some people don’t have the strength to bare because of the hard past that they have experienced. Even though this is a more effortless process, it has limitations to do with time consumption and serious cost implications before the hearing is experienced through a series of therapeutic sessions and is no guarantee that the patient can go over their own ego and self-sabotage. Healing at the Speed of Thought is exactly what this new generation needs in order to overcome the complexities of our time.

Your aura becomes a central information Centre and the sensor system that transmits and receives communication from the environment around us. Healing of the speed of thought, therefore, implies that since the body energy has no limits, through proper intent, can be directed to release a tremendous amount of healing to your inside and outward body.

Only healing results from sometimes blocked, stagnant, and negative energy that is trapped in our energy body and that many times it keeps us in cycles of attracting people, things and situations that we don’t want. Distant healing treatment can be facilitated by a practitioner who goes beyond this illusion of time and space and exclusively interacts with the world of frequencies, vibrations and directing energy to the place of need. Healing at The Speed of Thought self-healing technique can only work when one is willing to face their fears and undergo that inward transformation, and this is best done through careful instruction to realize your full potential. H.T.S.O.T see page more about this here read more now.

Even though they can be treacherous emotions are a vital part of us being human beings and are hard to side-line whatever the technique of healing. Healing of the speed of thought in this perspective in life as it frees the person to discover serenity and the gratitude of well-being and joy.

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